Timex/Sinclair 2068

From: Robert Borsuk <rborsuk_at_colourfull.com>
Date: Thu Feb 27 09:38:00 2003

        Timex guys on the list. I can ask a Timex (sort of ) question now.
I have an A&J MicroDrive (Stringy Floppy - The next big thing to rule
the world) that I don't have any information on. I would love to use
it with my T1000. It was almost complete in the box. Interface, drive,
cable, even some new stringy floppies still sealed. Does anyone have a
manual for this thing? I've poked around online but haven't seen too
Other things:
    I'm cleaning out my memory stash. Anyone interested in some EDO
DIMM's (168 pin)? I have an odd assortment of 8, 16, and 32 meg dimm's
(10 modules total)
(3.3v - 3 buffered with parity (looks like 1-8M 2-32M),
2 unbuffered with parity(1 -32M and 1 - 16M) ,
and 5 unbuffered no parity(2-8M 2-16M 1-32M).
I'm guessing on some - majority have labels though.
First $10.00 plus shipping takes them away(please write me off list)

Microdrive first though.

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