decserver 550 in Kansas City

From: Peter Turnbull <>
Date: Thu Feb 27 13:04:42 2003

On Feb 27, 9:35, McFadden, Mike wrote:
> Wandering through the local surplus I found a decserver 550 in a full
> rack.
> It had the following boards in it.
> 4 X CXA16-M M3118
> 1 X M3127
> 1 X KDJ11-SD M7554
> Bulkheads, power supply, and cables
> I read somewhere that it could be converted to a 11/53 with a minimal
> effort. How much trouble?

Well, it will never be exactly an 11/53, since it's in the wrong box,
but you can make it effectively equivalent. I'd remove the CXA16-M
serial multiplexers, which I don't think any normal PDP-11 OSs support,
but the DESQA should be OK; it'll look to any OS just like a DELQA.
 You'll need to change the two boot EPROMs on the KDJ11 board. The
standard boot ROMs for a microPDP-11/53 are 23-261E5 and 23-262E5. You
might get lucky if you type either of those numbers into Google ;-)

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