WTD: AMD or Intel 80387 Math Coprocessor IC

From: M H Stein <mhstein_at_canada.com>
Date: Thu Feb 27 22:10:50 2003

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From: "Philip Pemberton" <philpem_at_dsl.pipex.com>
Subject: WTD: AMD or Intel 80387 Math Coprocessor IC

Hi all,
    I'm trying to track down a 387 math coprocessor IC for an old 386-based
Linux box that's going to be doing a bit of numbercrunching for me. Has
anyone here got an AMD or Intel (AMD preferred) 387 coprocessor rated at
40MHz (-40 part number suffix) that would work correctly with an AMD
Am386DX-40? No, before you ask, the 386DX does *not* have a built in
mathco - the 486DX was (IIRC) the first DX-series chip with a built-in

If you're not in a hurry, I've got a couple here; as noted elsewhere, I don't
think Intel made any at that speed in the good old days and IIRC they were
all second-sourced. The two that I have are a ULSI and a Cyrix, both 40Mhz,
and both on boards using the AMD 386 DX-40..

I think you were also looking for a riser board to allow mounting ISA cards
horizontally; might be able to help you out there as well, but would need
exact dimensions. Finally, I haven't forgotten about the other stuff you & I
were talking about, the PPT punch, reader and tape and the small footprint
386 boards, have just been dealing with a lot of other crap in the last while.

Will be in touch ASAP,

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