From: Roger Merchberger <>
Date: Thu Feb 27 23:26:01 2003

At 00:43 02/28/2003 +0000, you wrote:
>Gosh, I had /no/ idea that Fortran was a "column-sensitive" programming
>language; I thought that COBOL was the only one...

RPG is, but I only saw that enough to cringe... :-O ;-)

>What other languages are column sensitive? I'd guess at APL, but I'm sure
>there are others.

Mmmm... nope. APL is about the least sensitive of all the languages... it's
not syntax sensitive (it has none! it borrows a lot of greek characters and
symbols to make the language... AAMAF, I'm suprised it didn't get mentioned
earlier during the "multi-lingual" language discussion, since it doesn't
have a language to translate...) It's not logic sensitive, either... just
look at any 20+ line APL program [you wrote] 12 months into the future...
it'll take you longer to figure out how you wrote it, than it would take to
rewrite it!

Beyond that, I wouldn't know what other column sensitive proggies are out

>Cheers, Ade.

Prost, "Merch"
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