Weirdstuff Warehouse (WAS:Re: Classic SF Bay Area places to visit)

From: Eric Smith <>
Date: Fri Feb 28 02:54:01 2003

> Where's all their classic stuff? All I see is 5-year-old PC/Mac stuff.

In the "As-is" room, of course. But if you expect to see a big pile
<favorite old computer>, of course you'll be disappointed, since those
only show up occasionally.

They used to put stickers on some items saying "Guaranteed not to work".
I bought an Atari 800 with such a sticker once, wanting it just as
a source of spare parts. I discovered that it worked just fine, so I
went back and complained. They were baffled. If I'd been in their
position, I would have told the customer "fine, bring it back and we'll
break it for you."

The only time I went to their old Milpitas location, I passed on several
things thinking that they were too expensive, such as an IBM 5100 for
which they wanted the princely sum of $200. D'oh!
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