Cromemco 68k System 100 on eBay

From: Steve Jones <>
Date: Fri Feb 28 11:04:00 2003

> Sho 'nuff, but don't feel bad; lots of people
> only think of 64K Z80 CP/M systems like the
> classic Z-2 when they think of Cromemco

I was aware Cromemco had some sort of 68000-based systems with "real"
Unix later in the game. But having only heard rumors I never guessed
they used an '020, and didn't realize they had System V and all those
goodies. Glad to learn of it, and all those firsts.

By contrast, I was well aware of the many CPU options from CompuPro
(Godbout) including the CPU-68k, which I used, and the 32016, which
I'd still like to find someday...

Somewhere around here I have some S-100 Journals (I think that's the
name) that I found on the newsstand in the late 80's. Be interesting
to see what was being listed besides 386s and Concurrent DOS.

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