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From: lee courtney <>
Date: Fri Feb 28 13:18:13 2003

Yes - I too would like to see the V-day moved so that
it does not conflict with Foothill and DCL, although
most Foothill action is over by the time V-day starts.
I'll put this on the agenda for the next Volunteer
Steering Committee. I don't think this will happen
until we start doing tours in the new building in the
end of Q2 timeframe. At that time I think we could
rearrange Saturday tours and V-day.


Lee Courtney
--- Eric Smith <> wrote:
> Lee writes about the Computer History Museum:
> > Second Saturday of the month is the regular work
> party.
> Is there any particular reason why that has to be on
> the second saturday, vs. one of the other saturdays?
> I can't go that saturday because too many other
> events
> are scheduled for the second saturday of each month,
> but
> I don't have a single event scheduled for the other
> saturdays.
> Sigh.
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