Books & stuff that must go now

From: James E. LaBarre <>
Date: Fri Feb 28 16:25:51 2003

I have a big pile of Computer & related books, plust software, etc that
need to be gotten rid of. We're tyring to clear out a house so that we
can rent it out, and these items need to be moved out ASAP.

All items are currently stored in Westchester County, NY as of
2003/02/28. However, it may be necessary to re-locate them to northeast
Putnam county for storage.

You will need to pick them up, if you want them. No picking & chosing;
get together with some friends and divide them amongst yourselves.

Email me at

Master page at:

Computer Books

Non-computer books (but related)

Journals (ACM, IBM)



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