ISIS-II command summary?

From: Dwight K. Elvey <>
Date: Fri Feb 28 16:41:00 2003

>From: "Steve Thatcher" <>
>Hi all, I got my Intel MDS225 working today, but I only have
>a single double density drive on it. I seem to recall that it
>would read single density, but you accessed by a different drive
>specifier. I can't seem to find one bit of documentation on the
>ISIS command at home. Does anyone have a summary page they could
>scan and send?
>I am also looking for the 50 pin connection wiring so I can connect
>a drive externally.
>It was fun booting up ISIS-II version 4.2 and seeing the prompt
>come up. I also had a CP/M 2.2 version that booted perfectly!
>best regards, Steve Thatcher

 I thought I'd add a list of commands from the users
manual for the archives:

IDISK <device> <label> [S]
          S = System
FORMAT <device> <label> [<switch>]
  switch: A = Copy all files from :F0:
          S = Copy only files with system attribute
DEBUG [<progname> [ <parameters> ]]
SUBMIT <name>[.<extension>][(<parameter0>,<parameter1>...<parameter9>)]
    paramters are %0 to %9 in script
DIR [FOR <file>][TO <listfile>][<switch>]
   switch: 0 - 5 = :F0: to :F5:
           I = List all files including invisible attrib
           F = Fast listing
           P = Single drive to DIR second disk
COPY <oldfile1>[,<oldfile2>,<oldfile3>...] TO <newfile>[<switch>]
   switch: U = update but don't change attrib and don't print
               "ALREADY EXITS"
           S = System files only when wild card used.
           N = Non-system files only when wild card used.
           P = pause for single drive with two floppies
           Q = Query
           C = Copy attribs
           B = Replace, regardless
DELETE <file1>[Q}[,<file2>[Q],<file3>[Q]...][P]
           Q = query confirm
           P = pause to change disk
ATTRIB <file> <Attriblist> [Q]
   Attrib: I0 = Reset invisible
           I1 = Set invisible
           W0 = Reset Write protect
           W1 = Set Write protect
           F0 = Reset Format attrb \
           F1 = Set Format attrb \ Don't mess with this
           S0 = Reset Syst attrib
           S1 = Set Syst attrib
BINOBJ <binfile> TO <absfile>
HEXOBJ <hexfile> TO <absfile>[ START(addr)]
OBJHEX <absfile> TO <hexfile>
EDIT Tico like commands
    B$$ = begin of text
    Z$$ = end of text
    [n]L$$ = n lines
    [n]C$$ = n characters
    Ftext$$ = find "text"
    Itext$$ = insert "text"
    Soldtext$[newtext]$$ = find "oldtext" and replace with "newtext
    [n]D$$ = delete n characters
    [n]K$$ = delete n lines
    [n]T$$ = Type n lines 0TT$$ entire line with cursor in line
    E$$ = Exit
    Q$$ = quit
    [n]W$$ = write n lines
    A$$ = Append
    M$$ = decimal space available
    n<commandstring>$$ = Does commandstring n times
Hope this helps future ISIS-II users.
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