Moving a VAX 6000

From: Jochen Kunz <>
Date: Fri Feb 28 18:09:01 2003

On 2003.02.28 19:26 Antonio Carlini wrote:

[VAX6k / XMI docs]
> The docs have been made available -
OK. Time to move to a different house and get a VAX6k. ;-)

> I'm not sure that the docs and the machines are in the same
> hands though (I've not been keeping track).
Well, I think you know that the person in question is Ragge.
Maybe someone should ask about VAX6000 support on port-vax. Maybe there
is somthing going on that I am not aware of.

> I thought it was VAX 7000 support that was on hold?
I think there was never any sort of effort of getting NetBSD on the VAX
7000 / DEC 7000 due to very undocumented hardware.
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