Dumpster Diving Goodies

From: chris <cb_at_mythtech.net>
Date: Fri Feb 28 23:22:01 2003

Its amazing what some people throw out.

I just got back from a bit of dumpster diving. I pulled from a sizable

2 - HP LJ III (but only one letter size paper tray)

about 25 Meridian phones, and left probably as many behind. I wasn't able
to find the KSU so I didn't bother pulling any more phones out.

Some various Digital parts and cables consisting of at least: a dot
matrix looking printer, a "Remote Services Console Unit" (whatever that
is, looks like maybe a terminal switch box), a A/B switch box, looks like
maybe for printers. It has a plastic key taped to the top, that I am
guessing goes to the actual DEC CPU, but I wasn't able to find that. A
keyboard. A whole bunch of cables. Possibly some manuals, maybe other
stuff (at times I was just shoveling things into my van without really
looking at it)

Assorted power, phone, and printer cables

Canon Laser Faxmachine
2 - 14" VGA monitors.
Royal timeclock
Epson FX-256 printer manual (didn't realize I grabbed it, I left the
printer behind).
2 Ribbons for the FX-256
1up and 3up tractor feed address labels (a box of each)
2 Platronics Headset bases (but only one headset)
A Karioke machine

Maybe more stuff... I haven't sorted thru it all yet, I'll probably start
that task Monday.

Things I left behind (that I saw): Epson FX-256 printer, 3- SilentWriter
Faxmachines, Panasonic Electronic Typewriter, Princeton EGA(?) monitor,
PS2 keyboard (label said it had bad keys), AT keyboard (I broke it while
extricating it, I didn't realize I was standing on it when I pulled on
the corner). 25 or more Meridian phones and cables.

I wasn't able to find the Meridian KSU, nor the DEC CPU. But they could
be down there somewhere, along with who knows what else. It was getting
cold, and my flashlight was getting dim. I don't think I will bother
going back, so if anyone else is in my area and wants to dig, the
dumpster is outside the Gold's Gym behind Paramas Park Mall in Paramus NJ
(Actually outside the Weight Watchers, but most people know the building
by the Golds Gym. I think Weight Watchers is the one tossing everything
judging by the actual garbage that is in the dumpster, but the phones
look like too many for them, so they might be from the Remax realestate
also in that building, they would also make more sense on the computer
equipment). I will probably stop in to Weight Watchers and Remax Monday
at lunch and ask if they are the ones tossing the stuff, and if so, if
they still have the KSU and the DEC CPU, and if they are tossing them as

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