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Date: Thu Jan 2 10:52:21 2003


I was an Engineer at Apple in the late 70's. I have an original Apple II
that I put together as my lab bench computer. It has a proto-type Language
Card that I designed.( I also have hand written design notes for the board
and a second proto card) The system also contains a proto-type Disk
controller boot card and 16 sector Disk. I also have a proto-type hand
soldered proto-type parallel port that I designed and licensed to Apple. My
library contains a ton of software much of which was used as in-house design
tools, some with documentation. The system works.

Have you any idea how much this may be worth and the best channels to sell

BTW: I live in Woodinville WA and I believe you are in Seattle. Check out my
Bio at:

Robert Paratore
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