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Hi David
 It may not be as hard as you'd think. First, you don't have
to cross compile CPM-8000. There already is a CPM-8000. Recently,
source and release code was found for this and, working with Chris
Groessle, we've managed to bring it up on our Olivetti M20's.
This code was originally written for the M20, as it was the only
major machine sold with a Z8000 ( there were a few SBC's out there ).
 The release comes with a C compiler and an assembler. There is
source code for the BIOS as well. It does depend on the M20
ROM code for low level access. This CPM was mostly written by
a combination of Zilog and DR people. It is mostly written in
C with a minimum written in assembly.
 There are a few issues. Even though the manual says you can get by
with only 128K, this would be difficult. Several of the utilities
require two 64K chunks ( one for instruction and one for data ).
It would be best if the other system functions had there own piece
of RAM to work in. One needs to map the memory such that you can
access a single 64K as both instruction and data as well as
the 128K as 64k instruction and 64k data.
 The bad news is that we don't have the complete source for the
CPM. The BIOS does require that it be compiled on a running CPM-8000.
As the documents state, it would be difficult to build it on
some other system. Still if someone is willing to write a BIOS
for their board, I'd be willing to compile the code for them on
my machine.

>From: "Kane, David (DPRS)" <David.Kane_at_aph.gov.au>
>I always wanted to play with this processor, I just never got the chance. I
have a copy of the Zilog "Microcomputer Components - Data Book Feb 1980" and
a copy of "Programming the Z8000" (a Sybec book), but that is about as far
as I ever got. I was tinkering with the thought of modding the SIMH emulator
to include a Z8000 system, but I don't have any details or experience of any
real systems. I then though to invent a fictitious S100 system, based on the
existing Altair emulation, but with a Z8000 CPU. This could most likely run
a CPM8000 system, with the appropriate BDOS changes. But a lot of work would
be need to get a set of compilers/cross compilers for the Z8000, either in
tracking them down or writing them. I saw recently that BDS C has been put
into the public domain with full source, so there might be some avenue
there. Still to generate CPM (or MPM) for a fictitious machine would be a
mammoth undertaking, I have all the source code needed, just not the
compilers. It would require an 8080/Z80 to Z8000 cross assembler (to avoid
rewriting all the assembler), a Z8000 PLM compiler, and a Z8000 C compiler.
>Anyway I am declaring myself an unfulfilled fan of the Z8000 processor
>David Kane
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>Hi Mr. Johnston,
>today I was looking for some Z8000 Fans, to talk about experieces ...
>Are you interested ?
>Please, be so kind and send a mail.
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