Two great Finds Today

From: Keys <>
Date: Thu Jan 2 18:18:01 2003

A friend stopped me in the parking lot of an auction today and gave me a box
full of computer stuff and in it was a TI-74 BASICALC with a carrying case
and 8k RAM module in it. Also it came with a Quick Reference Card for Basic

At the auction I got something called "The Brick" by Ergo computing Inc..
It's a cool looking 386SX-16 as per this article from a google search: "The
Ergo Brick, a 3" x 8" x 11" totable PC, was billed as the "cure for the
common computer." With a keyboard and monitor at home, another at work, it
gave desktop power in a portable package. Today you could fit three
PowerBook G4/500s in almost the same amount of space as the $2,495 16 MHz
386sx-based Brick.". I got the CPU, power supply, manual, and a carrying
case. The keyboard was missing.
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