A couple of PS/2 items

From: vance_at_neurotica.com <(vance_at_neurotica.com)>
Date: Fri Jan 3 15:56:33 2003

Hi people. I'm looking for the chassis to a PS/2 Server 95. Not a 95XP,
but a 95A. The one with the longer connector plate and two parallel
ports. I'd prefer if it was somewhere in the northeastern U.S. The New
York area would be optimal. If you want, you can have the PC Server 500
chassis from which I am borrowing the motherboard.

Another thing is that I need the people who were interested in the PS/2
100Mbps ethernet cards to email me again. I now am able to send them out.
$50+shipping apiece.

The third thing is that I am looking for 8MB SIMM's for a PS/2 Model 95.
They are the ECC kind.

Fourth, I am getting rid of a lot of PS/2 SCSI cards, 286 RAM Expansion
cards with RAM, and a couple of 386 RAM Expansion cards with RAM. I also
have a couple of other weird MCA cards, so if there's anything in
particular you're looking for, let me know. I do have a couple of IBM
M-Motion Video Capture Adapter/A's *new in box*, if you're interested.

That should be it.

Peace... Sridhar
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