Some old computer systemsof interest

From: G Manuel <>
Date: Fri Jan 3 15:56:40 2003

Hi Everyone,

I have a couple of old systems some of you might be interested in. The first
one is a Vector. This is an all in on unit running CPM as the OS. I only
have the system for this one.

The second is an old Commodore SX-64. For those who don't know it, it is a
small portable Commodore 64. It had a small (maybe 5" diagonal) color crt
and 5 1/4" disk drive internal. I have many additional peripherals for it
including additional 5 1/4" drive, 20MB HD, Memory expansion model (256k),
mouse, GEOS OS, HearSay 2000 (speech recognition and speech module) and lots
of software. It is in 100% working condition and has been well cared for. If
you have any questions about these or other systems please feel free to ask.

Greg Manuel
Received on Fri Jan 03 2003 - 15:56:40 GMT

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