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From: Jim Battle <>
Date: Fri Jan 3 16:22:01 2003

At 04:57 PM 1/3/03 -0500, Murry wrote:
> new to list

Hello, Murray. How about more of an introduction? What machines are you
interested in? What machines do you have? What machines do you
want? What machines do you have but don't want? What systems are you
perhaps an "expert" in so other can use you as a resource? Is your
interest in hardware? software? both? hands-on or nostalgia?

People on the list have a wide range of interests, so identifying your
interests will help kindred souls find each other.

I hope you find the flood of classiccmp messages ail you are about to get
hit with are interesting and/or educational.

BTW, the standard definition of "vintage" on this list is 10 years old or
older, although many would draw the line at the introduction of the IBM PC!

Jim Battle ==
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