Config info on HP1000 memory?

From: Frank McConnell <>
Date: Fri Jan 3 18:26:00 2003

"Glen S" <> wrote:
> I have a copy of the manual 5955-4311 / Installation and Service Manual /
> High Performance Memory Systems. It covers the 2102E and 2102H Memory
> Controllers and the 12741A, 12746H, 12747H, 12779H, and 12780H Memory
> Modules. (But not the 12749H).

Looks like I have a December 1983 edition of this manual that also
covers the 12666H and 12749H but not the 12741A. In storage of
course. If it would be helpful, I'll try to pull it next time I'm out
there (hopefully sometime this weekend).

-Frank McConnell
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