Those pesky Dalsemi RTCs... (was: Re: Looking 4)

From: Philip Pemberton <>
Date: Sat Jan 4 03:56:00 2003

    Well, I've just been putting Google through its paces once more and I've
found a few "Pull the battery to bits and do this" style tricks for the
Dallas Semiconductor RTCs. Have fun :-) - this is aimed at the
Mostek 48x02 (48Z02, 48T02) chips, but the same sort of thing can be done to
a Dalsemi chip.

Personally, I'd use a craft knife and cut around the casing from the bottom
side, between the pins and the plastic cover. "Real Time", eh? More like
"Time Bomb". I *hate* those pesky Dalsemi RTCs...
Hmm... I might try and replace the battery in the 15xx I've got in my
junkbox at some point today...

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