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From: William Donzelli <>
Date: Sat Jan 4 10:49:00 2003

> Did anyone here realize that the B-29 was the first aircraft to have a
> fire-control analog computer?

Be careful. Some earlier bombers were fitted with AN/APG-5 radars (a
slightly older version of the AN/APG-15s found in B-29s). These 'APG-5s
have small computers called a CP-8/APG-5s, used to do crude calculations
on the ranges. These CP-8s were reused with the AN/APG-15s, alongside the
big electromechanical things in the B-29s (that I can not remember the
name of).

One thing you will find about this list is that the words "never",
"always", "first", and "last" should be handled very carefully.

William Donzelli
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