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From: Chad Fernandez <>
Date: Sat Jan 4 11:18:01 2003

Jarkko Teppo wrote:
> Thanks for the details, my memory failed me again.
> I didn't know about the fire-control computer but it somehow
> fits the image I have of it. The two planes I'd really like
> to try (as a passenger!) are B-29 and SR-71, but if I'd have
> choose I'd go on a B-29, no competition.

I think I'd go SR-71. That would be truly special, you just can't go
"do" that. You can get a ride in a WWII bombmer without to much
trouble, I do believe. Seems like last time I went to the EAA Fly In,
at Oshkosh it was possible. I would assume the Confederate Air Force
sells ride (in Texas??) at times too. It's a way to raise money for
upkeep, and restoration, and so on.

Chad Fernandez
Michigan, USA
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