A bit more about me...

From: C. Murray McCullough <cmurray_at_eagle.ca>
Date: Sat Jan 4 16:21:00 2003

Hi all,

  Sorry about the short intro. A bit more: I' a computer teacher; been
in the business since 1970
when i learned COBOL programming in Toronto. I earned a BA and BEd and
taught ESL
in Africa and Asia.
  My first computer was CompuPro and the Intercept Jr. 6100. Sorry to
say they're no longer
active as they're in storage in the barn. I raise horses.
  The computer I still use from vintage era is the Coleco ADAM. Us
Adamites keep are
favorite machine running despite its early orphan status.
  I now have an 800 Mhz. Celeron machine. I wrote a book called "A
Historical Research Guide to the Microcomputer" which covers the 4/8 bit
era as a supplementary paper for my PhD.
  I try to follow what's happening out there but I'm afraid I have
limited time. Too busy!!!
A great excuse...

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