What am I missing here?

From: Ian Primus <ian_primus_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Sat Jan 4 19:15:00 2003

On Saturday, January 4, 2003, at 07:54 PM, J.C.Wren wrote:

> I don't know how this would work, because when you place a bid on
> eBay, it
> will only show the amount necessary to beat a previous bid. Which
> means if
> this guy is running in $10 increments, someone had $990 on it.

It shows the amount necessary to beat the current high bid - which
isn't necessarily the same as that person's bid they placed. It's hard
for me to explain in ASCII, but... Lets say I have a TRS-80 and I set
the minimum bid at $10, and increments at $1. The first person bids
$50. Then the current high bid would show $10, and the minimum bid
would be $11. If the next person bids $30, they are immediately outbid,
the high bid becomes $31, and the minimum bid becomes $32. In the event
of a tie, for example if one person bids $1000, and then another person
bids $1000, the high bid then goes to $1000, and the person who first
bid the $1000 is considered the high bidder.

This is my understanding anyway. Feel free to correct me.

Ian Primus
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