Re.: Computers stored in barn; questions answered

From: C. Murray McCullough <>
Date: Sun Jan 5 15:12:00 2003

R. D. Davis wrote:

Are these stored in an area where the temperature doesn't get too
cold, e.g., where there are a lot of 4-legged space heaters :-), or in
a part of the barn where temperatures vary more? How do you prevent
damage to the systems from rodents, dampness, birds and spiders, etc.?
Hopefully these systems aren't stored near any cedar shavings used for
stall bedding, as the fumes from the plicatic (sp?) acid in the cedar
can damage any copper used in circuit boards, etc. Does anyone know
if the abietic acid in pine shavings/dust causes similar problems?

R. D. - I don't use cedar or pine shavings, just plain wheat straw.
The temperature varies across the year. The computers are in wooden
boxes, not cedar or pine, and the inside is covered with a black plastic

that rodents don't chew on. They have been in the barn since the summer
of 1987. I think they're all intact. Have to see this summer.

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