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Date: Mon Jan 6 01:47:17 2003

Hello ~

I was a long-time member of this list, and am a long time collector of classic computers. I've been away from most internet forums and collecting computers in general for several years, but am finally getting back into it. Want to say hello to those that I used to gather so much information from... and hello to the many new acquaintances I look forward to visiting with.

Today I was in a "flea market" browsing a pretty good collection of classic game consoles and coimputers, and discovered something I had never seen before.

It was a cream-colored unit, with an integrated keyboard and monitor. Size could be considered small.... probably half the size of a TRS-80 model 4... or smaller. No disk drives were present.

I believe it was called a Scoutset ??? I also think it was made by Temat and had a model # of HE 415-B . I could be wrong on all of that information, however... but it was something similar.

I have a sneaking suspicion this is some type of early word processor, but am unsure.

Has anyone seen this before, or have any information on it? Would it be worth picking up?

Thank you!



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