ADMIN: Coming Updates, Question (classiccmp)

From: Thomas Dzubin <>
Date: Mon Jan 6 05:03:00 2003

On Mon Jan 6 01:34:10 2003, Jeffrey Sharp wrote:
> By the way, we now have exactly 720 subscribers.
> I would also like to hear (private email please) from subscribers with
> comments for or against the current two-list system. Defense of the ...

Please remember that there might also be people like myself...
"lurkers" who do not subscribe to the list, but instead use the website archives of the mailing list to actually
read the stuff going on.

In response to your question, I personally like the two list system.
In your re-design of the website, please be aware that possibly
*some* people may be using alternative browsers (ie: *NOT* MS-Internet
Explorer) to access the site, so keeping the browser-specific features
to a minimum would be really nice.
(I personally use lynx (text browser) quite a bit from my VT320 terminal!)

Thomas Dzubin
Received on Mon Jan 06 2003 - 05:03:00 GMT

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