Epson manual needed

From: Steve Jones <>
Date: Mon Jan 6 16:07:00 2003

Richard A Cini writes:
> Over the vacation I dug out my Seiko/Epson 486 computer. It's a POS
> (point-of-sale) computer that I bought from Timeline two years ago

I picked up the same unit in early '99 for $100 or so, from Timeline.
Wanted to use it as the always-on DNS/NIS/X10 host for the house. It's
really a nice little single-board PC in a small box with 2.5" IDE HDD,
floppy, ISA slot and maybe one other. Haven't used it in a while -
looks like the "CMOS battery" is dead/flat and it won't listen to the
PS/2 keyboard as a result. Weird...

I do have the paper docs, but the question is where... Also, it's one
small perfect-bound booklet, not terribly amenable to scanning. Is
there something specific you need info on?

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