How cctech works! (was: ./ does the Reuters article)

From: Jeffrey Sharp <>
Date: Mon Jan 6 21:39:00 2003

On Monday, January 6, 2003, Zane H. Healy wrote:
>> Well, at least it's helping membership. We're at 804 as of this morning.
>> That's 622 in cctalk and 182 in cctech, mind you.
> But, are you counting people that are subscribed to both, twice? Or, maybe
> I should simply be asking is anyone subscribed to both.

Let me explain again how cctech works now. The simple answer is that cctech
and cctalk work like different views of the same list. Cctech subscribers
get all on-topic posts sent to either list. Cctalk subscribers get the same
messages plus off-topic messages. The only difference between cctalk and
cctech is reception of off-topic messages and moderation delay.

If you look at the (recent) archives of cctech, you'll see that they have
mostly the same exact messages as the cctalk archives. The only things
missing from the cctech archives are off-topic posts.

I'm sending this message to cctalk, but both lists will get it because it is

Here is the not-so-simple answer: Cctalk and cctech technically are separate
Mailman lists, but you can't post to just one of them. The aliases and are set up somewhat like
this like this:

cctalk_at_cla... --+ +--> post to cctalk
                +--> classiccmp_at_cla... --+
cctech_at_cla... --+ +--> post to cctech

Thus, no matter which posting address you send your post to, our mail system
automagically tries to post it to both lists. If you are subscribed to
cctalk, your post is immediately accepted by cctalk and delivered to the
other cctalk subscribers. Cctech, however, holds your post for moderation,
since you don't subscribe to cctech. Some time later, a moderator will look
at your post. If your post is on-topic, it will be approved and delivered to
cctech subscribers.

If you are a cctech subscriber, your post is immediately accepted by cctech
and delivered to cctech subscribers. Because of the way Mailman is set up,
your post is also immediately delivered to the cctalk people (well, unless
your're new and I haven't got around to processing you yet).

Subscribing to both lists at the same time is an error. If you do so, you
will get two copies of every on-topic message.

My apologies if this isn't the clearest thing that I have ever written. I am
very tired at the moment due to insomnia last night.

This is going in the FAQ.

Jeffrey Sharp
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