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From: Kevin Andres <>
Date: Tue Jan 7 07:22:09 2003

Hello Peoples,
        I am reading the the mail starting fairly recently. I have a Commodore Pet vintage 1975, serial # in the 13,000
range, received on Guam while in the U.S. Navy, currently not running has a screen full of random characters, seems to me I
remember this as indicative of a 6550 MOSTEK ram failure. An Ohio Scientific Superboard, used as a development tool
by a firm just starting in computer control of the real world. A DEC something that hasn't been run since it was shut down.
The DEC had the BIG 10m removable drive packs, drives and packs since departed this earth in one lost shipment or other.
        I don't always get to the mail in a timely manner, but it certainly is interesting reading. I am encouraged that
there are other enthusiasts out there who appreciate the electronics for what it is not necessarily what it will do at 4.8Ghz.
Faster and bigger is not always better. It seems to me the days when programs had to be chained, led to better and less
buggy programming.



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