TRS-80 fever on ebay?!

From: Joe <>
Date: Tue Jan 7 07:54:00 2003

At 07:02 PM 1/6/03 -0500, you wrote:
> I have a '74 Barracuda that's being restored. The original 283 was tossed

  283? When did they start putting Ford engines in Plymouths? I think you mean 318.

>out into the dirt by the previous owner, and a 440 dropped in. During the
>restoration, I found a cracked piston skirt, so I had the engine rebuilt.
>We're looking for some adapter plates to put it on the dyno, but the desktop
>calculation says 475 HP at the crank.
> and

   Nice Ride! Reminds me of the '71 Barracuda that I used to have. The X-Ol got it when we divorced and promptly lost it to a sharpie-car dealer. :-( But I managed to keep my Challanger; 1970 RT Convertable with 440 6-Pak, Trak Pak, 15" Rally wheels, full instrumentation and ALL the toys including the factory AM-FM Stereo with the floor mounted cassette player/recorder. I still have it and probably always will :-)

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