FPU, FAQ, and hardware for free

From: Arthur Russell <arthur.russell_at_teradyne.com>
Date: Tue Jan 7 08:33:09 2003


I stumbled on www.classiccmp.org and noticed your reply to William Donzelli's
post (yesterday):
> have done a lot of business with them. Although they still give me
> grief when I bring the se30 in for its occasional upgrade (new disk,
> max out the ram, now idly seeking an FPU for it. :)

Is the FPU you're looking for the 68882? If so, I think I have one. I don't
know what package types this was offered in, my vague recollection is that the
one I have is about 1.5" square pin-grid array. Anyway, you're welcome to it
if you're interested.

In return (or in spite of this!) I have only one request: the FAQ link for the
Classic Computing message board doesn't seem to work for me - I need it
because I want to offer the rest of my old Apple hardware up for grabs, but I
don't want to spam the list with things like:

"I have a complete Apple][+ system with a fair number of expansion cards and
Sider 10MB HD. The remainder of what I have is old Mac-era stuff, I think I
have had to throw out all of my one-piece hardware (Pluses and SEs) but I have
a complete Mac IIci, possibly a IIsi, and some PM6100 and Centris 610 form
factor stuff that wants a home."

Perhaps there is a subset of folks that are interested in providing a home to
more old hardware? I'm located just north of Boston MA.

All the best,
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