TRS-80 fever on ebay?!

From: J.C.Wren <>
Date: Tue Jan 7 08:46:01 2003

        OK, last post on this topic, before I get flamed.

        A) You SOLD a '70 Hemi Superbird?!? Arghhhhh... Those are going for
mondo cash these days. Only car that looks like it's moving at 100 MPH
sitting at a stop sign. I'd LOVE to have one of those.

        B) What I really want is a '71 Barracuda with the 440 6-pack. But I
couldn't find one of those. This one was kind of an odd find. I was
commuting up to Raliegh, NC from Atlanta, GA once a week (leave Sunday
night, come back Thursday night). I bought a couple of car rags for light
reading, but before I got around to reading them, I was just poking around
on the 'net, and decided to check out 'cudas. I found one about 7 miles
from me (in NC), but didn't think much about it. Then I was looking through
the auto-trader, and saw the same car. I started thinking it was a sign.
So I called the guy, and we talk, and he says "You gonna be around Saturday?
There's a gun show about 15 miles off, we can meet up, you can check out the
car, and then we can go check out some WMDs." Sounded good, so I rearranged
the schedule, drove the car, decided that what he was asking was pretty
decent. Went to the gun show, ended buying a Sig P229. It was a good day.
Of course, the wife was a little surprised when the 'cuda showed up, so I
gave her the P229.


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> >> On Mon, 6 Jan 2003, Will Jennings wrote:
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> >> > I think if I ever somehow had a drastic increase in cash
> >> flow, I would
> >> > likely buy nearly every pre-1980 or so mopar I could get my
> >> hands on,
> >> > especially 67-69 barracudas..
> Ah, A man after mine own heart! I've owned a '64 Sport
> Fury, '70 Duster, '68 Charger, '71 charger, '70 Hemi
> Superbird, '71 Barracuda, '70 Callanger RT convertable and
> '52 MG TD with a 340 Plymouth engine and a push button
> Torque-Flite stuffed into it. The only one that I still have
> is the Challanger. The MG was probably the least practicle
> but the most fun. NOTHING in Sacramento that could touch it,
> even the cops!
> Joe
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