IBM 5114

From: chris <>
Date: Tue Jan 7 09:36:01 2003

>The hard drive for the System 23 was the IBM 5247. I have one (in the
>it's a large cabinet-style drive that weighs about 120 lbs., and I have never
>seen another (although I'm sure Sellam has one in storage). It came in two
>varieties, as I recall, 17 or 33 MB. There was no hard drive option for the
>5110 (or for that matter the 5100 or 5120).

Well, I think I might have solved my hard drive mystery. Chalk it up to
me having been too young to remember the hardware clearly. Armed with the
info you gave me above, I did some calling around this morning to people
that might have a clue as to what happened to the hard drive. Near as any
of us can figure, the hard drive was never owned by my company... the
backups were aquired when we bought a software company that developed the
accounting package we used (which we later continued work on in house).
So the hard drive belonged to the software company, and those guys kept
their hardware, we just aquired the software rights.

So now that I know there is no mystery hard drive for my 5110... I have
to give some thought to if I want to sell the system. With this recent
eBay fever over things like a TRS-80, I am pondering if I can get a
pretty penny from my 5110. I could REALLY use the money towards a house
purchase. (I've got the 5110 with both Basic and APL, a large assortment
of manuals, a few tapes with software on them, and the 5114 floppy drive
unit. I should also have a printer around, but I can't say for sure if
the printer is still operational). Time to do some hunting on the
possible value... and if that value is enough for me to part with it (it
holds a bunch of sentimental value to me, as it was one of the first
computers I ever played with... possibly THE first, I'd have to compare
timelines against the Apple II I used in the late 70's)

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