System Industries 9900 controller

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Tue Jan 7 10:13:01 2003

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> Anybody interested in a System Industries 9900 controller??
> Email me at
> Bob

I already have several, but I still have to ask what's under the
hood? The 9900 had two bays for boards - drive intefaces on one
side (I've only ever seen SMD interfaces) and host interfaces on
the other side (dual 40-pin cables to host-specific cards). Do
you have any of the cards that go into the host computers themselves?
I have 1 for an 11/750, 2 for 11/70 and a couple on the shelf
that I think are Qbus (came in a box of spares with no docs).
I don't know what all were available, does anyone on the list

We always had Fujitsu SMD drives on ours (forget the exact model
numbers, but our system disk was a 160MB drive split into two
logical RM03-alikes, and our data disks were Eagles). There
are a couple of flavord of SMD interface (data rates are differend)
and I dob't know if the 9900 can talk to the newer ones or

We had a love hate relationship with ours - They were inexpensive
compared to DEC disks of similar size (we got one before the RA81
was even available at $24,000 for ~400MB), but because the Eagle
was not the same size as any DEC device, we always had to wait
for the patch tapes to come out before we could upgrade VMS (SI
would send us a TU58 to patch device geometry table in the DRDRIVER)
Decent performance, IIRC.

Got docs?


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