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Date: Tue Jan 7 10:46:21 2003


Im acting on behalf of a friend of mine who is looking to find a good home for some classic HP Workstation equipment. He has two HP 9000 workstations which he bought way back when the world was young. One is a Model 345, the other a 710. They are both pretty much complete and there are also a couple of extras like hard disc drive unit, early optical disc unit, and external DAT drive. They both come with 16 graphics monitors and graphics input tablets, and both have their original HIL keyboards. The kit list goes like this;

HP9000 Series 700 (Apollo) Base unit (sn:3147G02128)
Monitor (A1497A) (2 off)
Tape drive unit Model CP-150SE
Floppy Drive Unit (Mitsubishi MF504B-318M)
Optical Drive Series 630 Model 650/A (with 4 rewritable optical discs)
HP9000 345 Workstation (sn:98578x3004G01849)
Hard Disc Unit Series 330S Model C2212A (sn:3017A02452)
DAT Drive Model 310 (sn:310-930013)
Full set of HPUXv8.0 Manuals

All this stuff is open to offers. If anyone is interested, I think the only caveat might be that if you take away one thing you take away the lot.

Serious expressions of interest should be made to this email address in the first instance. In the interests of practicality, you might like to note that were in England but please dont hold that against us.

Many thanks,

Adrian Manise
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