TRS-80 Model I Computers

From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Tue Jan 7 12:22:00 2003

> The presence or lack of a numeric keypad on a Model I
> is not a good indicator of whether it's Level I basic
> or not.

> I have a Model I (My original from 1979) which came
> without a keypad, and was a Level I computer, but
> which I quickly upgraded to a Level II computer.

> The only real way to tell is to power the unit up.

Err... I wasn't talking about Level I/II Basic,
but rather if it is a L1 M1, or L2 M1, read,
the revised version. The most notable difference
is the keyboard.

Of course, most L1M1s with L1 Basic where later
upgraded to have L2 Basic.

Still the fact is that someone intended to spend
an awfull high amount of money on a L2M1.

> P.S.: I'm looking for a working LNW-80 Computer. A
> model II would be preferred, but a Model I would be
> OK. If anyone has one they'd like to sell, please let
> me know..

:) Who doesn't ?


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