From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Tue Jan 7 12:29:00 2003

> > > I have the interface box for one of these, but not the card. Anyone know
> > > where I can get one? It's the 8-bit XT MIDI card.
> > Ouch ... I have the card, and would love to get the box:)
> > Back in the old days, it was the best sound add on for
> > a game PC ... Well, I payed some 500 Bucks.

> No doubt. I'm actually building a game PC right now. Probably with a
> 486DX-33. For old games I have lying around. Most of these games support
> the MPU-401 and MT-32. Speaking of which. What is an MT-32 like compared
> to the MPU-401? I've never seen one.

No idea. Your Idea sounds great, although I'd take a DX2.
Back then my gaming machine was a DX-50 (a real 50, no
DX2-50 :), and it worked great for all games. A DX2-66
is the closest you can get. Of course there's always an
AMD 5x86-160 ... Eventualy the fastest 486 of all times.
I had one overclocked to 200 MHz in a 50 MHz Board.

In fact, when thinking about building a low speed Game
machine for early 90s games, I would go for a 60-200 MHz
Pentium, or at least a PCI bus 486.

> > P.S.: I know a guy who has still one or two new in box,
> > but he still belives that they are worth money.

> *sigh*

He'll call me tonight (I just talked to his sister).


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