Phonemark "Quick Data Drive" - info?, also WTD Commodore 15xx drive, info.

From: Fred N. van Kempen <>
Date: Tue Jan 7 15:00:01 2003


> type of cartridge. Does anyone have a spare QOS cartridge and/or a few
> blanks they feel like parting with?
I believe I have some of that stuff tucked away... I *did* have
some of the Entrepo drives. And since I'm keeping my Commodore
stuff around for my son (who currently is almost a year old, so,
yes, he's gonna laugh his head of when I show him that "computer"..)
I can probably miss some of the cartridges..

> I'm also trying to track down a Commodore 15xx disk drive
> - 5.25", 3.5", MFM, GCR, whatever, as long as it uses the
Got those, but wanna hang on to them.

There *is* a project out there which lets you connect a C64/128 to
your PC's parallel port, and you can then run a program on the PC
which emulates N CBM 15xx drives.. you can mount/unmount disk
images, and whatnot. I'll find the name of it.

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