Chip Upgrades for 11/23 (was Re: 11/03 system on eBay sold)

From: Megan <>
Date: Tue Jan 7 15:25:00 2003

>Yes, there sure was a CIS chip for the 11/23[+]. And I am still looking

I know... I have one (maybe two) KDF11-B boards with the CIS chip.

>for one to upgrade one of mine. I do have the FPF-11 floating point
>processor board that alternately connects to the socket for the FIS
>chip, I have a FIS chip in another processor board, but the sockets for
>CIS are still vacant in both.

It was my understanding that the EIS/FIS chip is only usable with
the 11/03 (11/2, PDT) machines (and the PDT requires the dual
microm in order to make space for it). The CIS chip is a dual-wide
chip... it spans two chip spaces on the 11/23 and 11/23+ boards.

>Once I get it / Should I ever get it, which languages could make use of
>it? - Assembler, of course, and COBOL, I think?

You can always do it in assembler. As for cobol or other layered
products, you probably have to use a version which has been specifically
built to use those instructions (or can detect their availability on
the fly and use them).

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