Config info on HP1000 memory?

From: Bob Shannon <>
Date: Tue Jan 7 17:11:00 2003

I've got multiple 256KW boards working. Do you need the switch

James Willing wrote:

>On Fri, 3 Jan 2003, Glen S wrote:
>>I have a copy of the manual 5955-4311 / Installation and Service Manual /
>>High Performance Memory Systems. It covers the 2102E and 2102H Memory
>>Controllers and the 12741A, 12746H, 12747H, 12779H, and 12780H Memory
>>Modules. (But not the 12749H).
>Well... I've got both 12746H and 12749H boards, so it would be step in the
>right direction.
>>My 2117F is configured with a 2101E Memory Controller, (3x) 12749H 256KW
>>Memory Modules, a 12371A Memory Expansion Module, and a 12892B Memory
>>Protect Module. I can pull the boards out of my system and tell you how the
>>dip switches are set if that helps.
>That would work too (if not too much trouble). I think I've only got two
>'real' HP 12749H boards and two 'Standard Memories' 256kw boards (anyone
>grok the switches on THOSE critters), but if three boards work, then I
>would hope two would as well...
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