Phonemark "Quick Data Drive" - info?, also WTD Commodore 15xx drive, info.

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Ahhh....I have one of those c64's, original monitor, drive, tape, etc. I
also have the "Mach 5" fastloader cartridge..I often wondered if it was just
full of RAM? I did like the shortcuts that were built in which saves on

I wonder..does anyone out there have a copy of the game "Airborne Ranger"?
It was a superbly done game, and I remember how to play, but I have lost the
manual. One problem is that the copy protection feature built-in was that
you had to look up a medal ribbon that was located in the manual. Without
that, it wouldn't let you play!


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15xx drive, info.

> Hi all,
> A while ago I bought a rather unusual C64/VIC20 add-on - a "Quick Data

A lot of them turned up in the UK about 10 years ago -- the usual surplus
places (Grenweld, and whatever J Bull called themselves at the time) had
them. Nobody had the wafers (tapes) though...

> Drive", presumably made by a company called Phonemark. After thumbing
> through the manual I found a few photos of the cartridges. From what I can
> gather, it's an early "stringy floppy" device that uses a cartridge filled

I think it's much later than the Stringy Floppy.

IIRC, it connects between the cassette drive and the C64. I think QOS
was loaded at the same speed as a normal cassette load, and that QOS was
similar in concept to the cassette 'turbo loaders' that were popular
with the C64.

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