Tandy 1000TX and 1400LT

From: Lawrence Walker <lgwalker_at_mts.net>
Date: Tue Jan 7 23:08:01 2003

On 8 Jan 2003, , No Junk Mail wrote:
> From memory the Tandy range of PCs of that vintage used a
> "Tandy Graphcis Adaptor". I believe that was 16 colours at
> 320x200, but only 4 colours at any higher res. The Tandy
> was the poor man's EGA. Sure, low-res games were 16
> colours, but high-res apps basically had to be in CGA mode.
> I would imagine that the connector was one of those round
> RGB connectors like the Atari 8-bits. But that's a guess.

 My 1000SX has the DE9 connector for RGBI as well as
RCA connectors for audio and video. There were several
monitors. VM-4 mono, CM-5 RGBI Color, and CM-10 Hi-
Res Color. The video was better than CGA but not quite
as good as EGA on my CM-5 monitor.


> BTW: Any other Australians here. Particularly one that
> might be interested in a works-but-no-hard-drive Silicon
> Graphics Personal Iris. I was going to use it for a PC case
> mod, but too much of it still works.
> Chris J.
> > Speaking of Tandy 1000s... I recently picked up a
> > Australian Tandy 1000EX. A strange machine, keyboard and
> > PC all in one unit. It also came with the original monitor
> > and printer, though some clever person had cut off the
> > monitor cables - nearly finished repairing that. I wonder
> > how common those are. If anyone has the colour codes for
> > the monitor plug/cable, please let me know! In fact, even
> > knowing if the 1000EX used standard CGA would be a good
> > start.
> >
> > Also concerning odd machines - anyone ever seen a
> > Spectravideo SVI-808 PC? There was a SVI-808 modem as
> > well, apparently, lots of confusion there.
> >
> > Mike.
> >

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