An original Compaq "portable"

From: Wayne M. Smith <>
Date: Tue Jan 7 23:39:12 2003

> I tried sending this directly but it bounced so. . .
> I would estimate that your Compaq is probably worth between $50 and $200
> depending on condition and what other original parts you have with it
> and, of course, who is buying it and where.
> About a year ago, I paid $100 for a like-new Compaq with all of the
> original manuals and disks, which I considered reasonable considering
> the machine. I've passed over trashed Compaq's for under $10.
> Best regards and best of luck!
> Erik
Wow, near the end of VCF 4 one of the vendors put a post-it with the word "FREE"
on it on an original, pristine Compaq portable, and now it sits on a rack in my
garage. Complete with upgraded 10MB full-height HDD.

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