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From: Wayne M. Smith <wmsmith_at_earthlink.net>
Date: Wed Jan 8 00:45:00 2003

> --- Lynn Thompson <lthomp_at_teleport.com> wrote:
> > We recently purchased an original Apple portable,
> > model #M5120, at a garage
> > sale. It came in the original black carrying case
> > with the Apple logo. We're
> > searching for any information about it, with the
> > goal of selling it
> > eventually. Any suggestions anyone can offer will be
> > greatly appreciated.
> >

There are 3-4 5120s up for sale on eBay at any given time. They almost always
have dead batteries and won't fully boot with the anemic 1.5v 2.0a charger so
most sellers either think they've got a broken machine or have done enough
research to know that the problem may simply be the battery, but don't have the
right power supply to test the machine properly, such as one from a Powerbook
100 or 170. A good source of information is:


Frankly, these machines have already seen their heyday on eBay and are not
commanding the three digit prices they once were a few years ago. At one time,
there were a lot of buyers in Japan willing to pay fairly good money, but that
market has dried up. They are quite common and I believe that everyone that
wanted one now has one. For example:


The backlit model (5126) is far scarcer and can still fetch over $100 if
verified to be working. But that's a different machine.

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