Somewhat OT: ISA Compaq TV Tuner Card

From: Scarletd <>
Date: Wed Jan 8 10:47:00 2003

I just recently picked up an old 8 bit ISA TV Tuner card, a Compaq
MG9910-20893. On the label it states "For use only with Compaq
Computer Products."

Anyone here ever have one of these? If so, is it true that it can
only be used with an actual Compaq system, or will any DOS/Win 3.1
system with ISA slots work? I need to know before I try to test it.
If it does require a Compaq system, then I will have to pull the hard
drive out of my Linux Box (a Presario 9546) and slap in another drive
and install DOS 6.22 and WfW 3.11. But if it will work in any
system, I can just add it to the old 486/DX-33 I set up just to run
classic DOS games without having to do the great hardware shuffle.

Also, if it does require a Compaq system, has anyone out there used
one of these cards under Linux? Thanks

-- Scarletdown
Received on Wed Jan 08 2003 - 10:47:00 GMT

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