ADM-3A lower case modifications - another thought?

From: Dr. Charles E. Morris <>
Date: Wed Jan 8 12:49:01 2003

I was wondering if anyone has used an FPGA or similar programmable device as
a replacement for the unobtainable lower-case 2513 character generator in
the ADM-3A terminal. I am trying to avoid fabricating an adapter board to
use a 27xx EPROM since the pinouts are quite different.

Since the only unusual pin on the 2513 is the GND on 10 (and 12 is not used)
I would like to just be able to jumper the board pin 12 to ground and plug
in a 24 pin device with programmable I/O pins to match the 2513 address
lines and data outputs. Does anyone know which device would be the most

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