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Date: Wed Jan 8 13:00:09 2003

Do you know if there's any difference in performance between the MPU-401
and MT-32? Or is it simply a difference in implementation.

Peace... Sridhar

On Wed, 8 Jan 2003, No Junk Mail wrote:

> > the MPU-401 and MT-32. Speaking of which. What is an MT-32 like
> > compared
> > to the MPU-401? I've never seen one.
> IIRC the MT-32 is a full length card. I'm fairly sure that back in the day I picked one up. Can't remember how. The music from it was superb, at least for the time -- probably still. I think I played a lot of Wing Commander with it.
> Later I got a Sound Canvas, which I on-sold to a musical friend of mine. I think he got the MT-32 too. He used to have a Gravis which I lusted after somewhat, particularly because of the Gravis-only demos of the time.
> I should see if he still has any of that old stuff. He's a bit of a pack rat simply because he's always too busy to sort anything out.
> Chris J.
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