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Date: Wed Jan 8 13:03:41 2003

On 7 Jan 2003, Jeffrey H. Ingber wrote:

> Just to clarify some items (ie. MT-32):
> The three original PC interfaces from Roland are as follows:
> MPU-IPC: 8-bit ISA card that connects to a beige, external breakout box
> via. 25-pin D-sub connector. Has MIDI IN, OUT, and through as well as a
> metronome conenctor.

And you need to connect an external module to the MIDI i/o ports, which is
what you use an MT-32 for, right?

> MPU-IMC: Microchannel version of the above card.

Oooh. I would *love* to have this. Is it made of unobtanium?

> An MPU-IPC/IMC and MT-32 setup is functionally equivilent to the LAPC-1
> with a breakout box, although the breakout box is optional on the LAPC-1
> (it is not needed to produce music since the MT-32 is integrated into
> the card itself).

Was there a MCA version?

Peace... Sridhar
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