Config info on HP1000 memory?

From: Frank McConnell <>
Date: Wed Jan 8 13:21:01 2003

Bob Shannon <> wrote:
> I've got multiple 256KW boards working. Do you need the switch
> configurations??

Thanks for jogging my memory on this, I've been carrying the manual
around for a couple of days.

Looks like the 12699H, 12746H, 12747H, and 12749H boards each have
a set of switches or jumpers labelled with some subset of letters
A through H, and how these are set selects the base address of the board.

Jumper in or switch closed is a logical 0 and jumper out or switch open
is a logical 1.

A is 0x004000
B is 0x008000
C is 0x010000
D is 0x020000
E is 0x040000
F is 0x080000
G is 0x100000
H is 0x200000

Some boards have some of the jumpers/switches hard wired, others require you
to set them certain ways. E.g. 12746H needs A out, G out, H in and 12749H
claims that A, B, C, D, G, and H are all hardwired out.

All boards appear as a single chunk of memory, so a 12749H board with 256KW
can only appear at 0x000000-0x03ffff, 0x040000-0x07ffff, 0x080000-0x0bffff,
or 0x0c0000-0x0fffff (these are the four 256KW chunks from 0 to 1024KW).

Most boards appear to be limited to appearing below 1024KW. The 12746H
appears to be limited to appearing below 512KW.

-Frank McConnell
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