Looking for a Heathkit H-8 LED Display Cover

From: Messick, Gary <Gary.Messick_at_itt.com>
Date: Wed Jan 8 14:21:00 2003

Seeing as you mentioned your H-11 manuals... I have an H-11 I'm trying to
bring back to life. Is there any way I could borrow (or have you copy) your
H-11 Operation manual. I have every H-11 manual except that one! I have
H-11 Assembly, Serial, Parallel, H-27, etc. just not the H-11 operation.
I've checked the PS (end of H-11 assembly), and everything *should be* fine,
but no workee! I'm not sure where the problem lies.
If you're unwilling to lend/copy the manual, could we spend some time
e-mailing each other about various steps for checkout?
(PS, I'm in Fort Wayne, Indiana if that matters any.)

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Subject: Looking for a Heathkit H-8 LED Display Cover

I picked up a Heathkit H-8 the other day, well... I won an eBay auction but
I got it for a good price. It looks to be in good condition and is full of
cards but it is missing the red LED display cover. Does anyone know where I
might find one? Also, are there any H-8 manuals out on the web? It would
be nice to check this thing out a bit before I fire it up. My H-11 manuals
were not much help.
Nick Miller

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